Our Difference

Getting it Right: The Proof.

At Burns & McBride, we believe in getting the job done right during our first visit to your home, so we’ve identified everything our technicians need to succeed. Every single technician is equipped with a comprehensive set of tools and instruments (calibrated regularly), valued at more than $7,500, to do the best job possible for our customers.

If you are shopping around for HVAC services, ask the prospective companies what tools and instruments they provide. It will pale in comparison to ours. Guaranteed. In addition, our trucks are fully stocked with all of the necessary parts and accessories our techs need through our advanced inventory management system.

Each technician and truck are equipped with all of this:

  • Tools – 67 Individual Tools
  • Test Instruments – 12
  • Truck Inventory – 312 Unique Parts

96.87% of Jobs Completed in 1 Visit

You See What We See.

Most homeowners aren’t trained to know the ins and outs of their HVAC, plumbing, and mechanical equipment, making it difficult to understand the work a technician performs or recommends. That’s why Burns & McBride invested in advanced diagnostic technology, called XOi, that not only assists our technicians in more accurately diagnosing system issues, but also enables a senior technician to oversee each service visit.

This technology not only helps our technicians do a better job, it goes a step further by providing you with a video, photos and documentation of the entire service call. When your service call is complete, you will receive a Burns & McBride Tech Check Report Card via email or text message.

The report uses a simple green, yellow, red scoring system and includes notes about the age of the equipment, efficiency, location, visible signs of wear and tear and more.  Estimates will be proactively sent to you for any equipment that received a score of yellow or red. If we’ve preformed work at your home, you will receive visual documentation of the completed job, along with your invoice.

An example of an advanced diagnostic report from Burns & McBride

Burns & McBride is the exclusive provider of XOi’s cutting-edge technology in our service area. It is one of the many ways our standard of excellence raises the bar on repairs and installations. We’re proud to offer this at no additional cost.

Did you know?

Most HVAC companies do not provide tools or instruments to their technicians. In most cases, the technician is expected to provide them, although some HVAC companies will reimburse the technician for 50% of the cost. Can you see how this could create inconsistent outcomes across technicians? That’s why we provide tools and instruments valued at more than $5,000 for each technician. We want them to be as successful as possible – for them and for you.

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