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Heat pump service.

With all our decades of experience here at Burns & McBride, we know not every home here in the area has the same heating and cooling needs. As a result, we recommend customized solutions for your home’s comfort.

One of those solutions is a heat pump. We have worked with most makes and models throughout our years—repairing them, installing them, replacing them, and maintaining them. This makes us the right team for you when you need heat pump help.

Your satisfaction is our top priority when we do a job for you. Know when you call us about heat pumps, you are getting the best.

The Heat Pump Difference

Working differently than traditional heating and cooling systems, heat pumps simply transfer existing warm air from one location to another. Traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems create their own heat using fossil fuels.

With heat pumps, when you need heated air, the heat pump extracts heat from the outdoors and transfers it indoors, warming up your home. Conversely, when you want to cool your home, the heat pump removes the warm air from inside and moves it outside, leaving only the cool air behind.

This makes a heat pump a very environmentally friendly HVAC option as well as highly energy efficient. Since it’s not burning fossil fuel, it also helps with your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ).

Here in the area, many people solely rely on a heat pump for their heating and cooling needs. Others choose to combine a heat pump with a gas furnace or oil furnace for supplemental heating. We invite you to discuss any heat pump projects and/or questions with one of our certified and insured Burns & McBride professionals.

Heat Pump Repairs

If your current heat pump suddenly fails or it is not working as efficiently as it should, call our heat pump experts. We only work with the highest-quality parts and materials. And if your heat pump breakdown is an emergency situation after we are closed, we have you covered. We know emergencies do not only occur when we are open.

We offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a Service Plan Membership.  Additionally, if your emergency repair turns into a needed emergency installation, we can do that as well. Your comfort and absolute satisfaction are priorities with us. We will do all we can to accommodate whatever you need.

Heat Pump Installations and Replacements

If you are considering replacing your current heat pump or if you are building and would like to install a heat pump, talk to one of our professionals. We recommend involving us from the beginning of your project, so we can help you save time and money with the best decisions.

Our Burns & McBride experts have the experience and knowledge you are looking for in heat pump installations no matter what your project may be. We will give you a written proposal so you can read what we suggest and the work we propose to do.

We also offer financing if that can help you in your heat pump investment.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Keeping your heat pump properly professionally maintained throughout the year helps prevent unexpected failures and problems, as well as promotes the optimum efficiency from your system. It also goes a long way in extending your heat pump’s life span.

Ask us today about our Service Plan Membership program options and how they can best serve you. We offer different levels to meet everyone where they are in their homes and budget.

What Is Energize Delaware?

Energize Delaware is sponsored by the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility to help you save energy and money by paying for some of the cost of high-efficiency equipment. The program provides rebates—up to $1,300 for a qualifying furnace, air conditioner, and thermostats—on equipment upgrades that cut the energy use of your New Castle home.

To learn if your heat pump installation or replacement qualifies, contact us. Through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program (HPwES), more than 5,000 Delaware property owners have taken advantage of the program to lower their energy costs and make their homes safe and more comfortable.

We have already helped many Burns & McBride customers receive over $1,000,000 in money from this fund while cutting their average energy bill by 35 percent! Be sure to ask us about Energize Delaware.

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