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The majority of homeowners don’t think about their homes’ indoor air quality (often referred to as "IAQ". ) The assumption is usually that the air in your home is fine as long as there are no obvious odors. But this could not be further from the truth. In most homes, indoor air pollution is much greater than our outdoor pollution. ENERGIZE DELAWARE, now even bigger rebates!

At Burns & McBride, we know just how much of a health risk poor indoor air quality is to your health. That’s why we take indoor air quality very seriously and make it a priority to help you improve the indoor air you breathe.

What Is Healthy Home Air?

Indoor air that is as free as possible from pollutants that can negatively affect a family’s health and comfort.

How can I have Healthy Home Air?

By treating the root cause, not the symptoms: frequent house cleaning, portable air cleaners or installing room dehumidifiers don’t address your whole-home air quality.

Only a system that increases the flow of fresh, filtered, and humidity-controlled air can do that.

You need an Air Quality System for:

  • Active Fresh Air Venting
  • Effective Air Filtration
  • Balanced Humidity Control
  • And…a Smart Controller

We get Healthy Home Air Right. Guaranteed.

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The more fresh air flowing inside of a building, the better. Fresh air dilutes contaminates, including viruses, reducing exposure to everyone inside. You need an active system that pulls in outside air at a predictable and reliable rate. The Aprilaire Fresh Air Venting System brings in the recommended amount of air using patented, controlled logic to minimize energy use.


Effective Air Filtration

Even fresh outdoor air has pollutants: pollen, dander, your neighbor’s barbecue smoke – so for truly healthy home air, you must first filter air as it comes into the house. Then, as air circulates through your home, it needs to be filtered as well.

The CDC recommends upgrading your system’s air filtration with high efficiency filters (MERV 13+ or the best the system can accommodate). The Aprilaire Healthy Air Purifier is designed to plug into your existing or new heating and cooling system to ensure that even virus-sized particles, allergens, dust mites, mold spores and other unhealthy airborne substances are caught and out of (air) circulation.

Balanced Humidity Control

Low air moisture can make allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues feel worse. Too much humidity in the air, and you can end up with mold and mildew.

You need to have moisture in the air reduced if it’s too high and be able to counter overly dry air with just the right amount of moisture injected into the home’s air flow.

The Aprilaire Dehumidifier and the Aprilaire Humidifier are the perfect complement to your heating and cooling systems to ensure air moisture levels are just right.

Smart Controller

A system this comprehensive needs a controller that can get the most out of it – while making your heating and cooling easier than ever to control.

The Aprilaire Healthy Air Thermostat is the perfect match. Ease. Power. Control.


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