Heating Oil Delivery

Over 70 Years Serving Area Families

Our winters can be cold, damp, and snowy. You need an oil company that will be sure you get the highest-quality heating oil when you need it. At Burns & McBride we have one of the best-trained and most-experienced delivery team you will find.

We are proud to serve you with one of the largest and most modern delivery fleets in the area. This means our heating oil team can deliver your oil safely and reliably whenever you need it. For over 75 years we have been serving families throughout New Castle County through heating oil in HVAC and more. (By the way, that's founder Tom McBride driving that truck above.)

Heating Oil Services

We started delivering heating oil in 1949. Homeowners with heating oil are concerned with payment, delivery and, above all, price protection. You can find more information about those topics below, or call for immediate assistance.

We asked our Burns & McBride customers what you wanted from a supplier. The overwhelming response you gave was a specific type of plan. A plan that’s not just better—it’s simply complete and guaranteed to be the best.

Heating Oil Delivery Options

We offer customers a choice of two delivery options:

  • Automatic Delivery

This plan enables Burns & McBride to monitor the amount of oil your home uses and automatically schedule a delivery when you need it. This ensures that as a Burns & McBride customer, you’ll always have plenty of oil in your tank.

With this delivery option, we also provide our “No Run Out” Guarantee—and back it up with a free tank of oil should to run out of oil because of us*. We can do this thanks to our state-of-the-art scheduling software and a fleet of company owned and operated delivery trucks.

*Guarantee does not apply to hones using a heat pump with oil-fired backup heating systems. 

  • Call-In Delivery

If you prefer, we can make deliveries upon your request. Simply notify our office as early as possible and we will schedule a delivery. Deliveries under this program are made subject to availability.

Heating Oil Payment Options

Our normal credit billing terms are “net 25”, meaning any outstanding balance must be paid within 25 days from the date of invoice to avoid interest charges. We also offer the following payment options to secure added savings:

  • Fast Five

Pay within 10 days of delivery and save a fast 5 cents per gallon! Here’s how to save: After each delivery, subject to credit approval, we will mail you an invoice listing the full details of the service. Our normal payment terms ask for full payment within 25 days. However, if we receive full payment within 10 days of delivery, you can save a fast five cents per gallon.

  • Terrific Ten

If you choose to pay for your oil deliveries in full automatically (using either a credit/debit card, or ACH bank draft) at the time of delivery, you can save a terrific 10 cents per gallon! After each delivery is made and processed, we will mail you a receipt listing the full details of the transaction.

  • 12-Month Budget Payment Plan

We have an in-house program to spread your heating bills throughout the year, based on your home’s consumption history and your credit approval. We will project what the total dollar amount of your purchases will most likely be over the next 12 months—including any applicable fees for Price Protection or HVAC Service Memberships—and then add or subtract your beginning balance. We will divide this number by twelve to determine your monthly budget payment. We will review your account periodically to make sure everything is on track, thus eliminating any big surprises at the end of the 12-month cycle.

We know heating oil payments can be costly, so we developed our Fast Five, Terrific Ten, and 12-Month Budget Payment options.

Heating Oil Price Protection

Price protection is always a good thing, and at Burns & McBride, we do our best to help protect you in all we do. When it comes to heating oil, our Price Protection Plan takes the anxiety out of oil prices.

Our Price Cap Plan takes the anxiety out of heating oil process by offering a guaranteed maximum price per gallon for the upcoming heating season. However, if our regular retail price is lower than the ‘cap’ price at the time of delivery, you will be charged the lower price per gallon. Call our office to hear the program’s full details and to enroll.

We Are Your Heating Oil Delivery Experts

At Burns & McBride, we have been delivering oil for decades. We make it safe and convenient. Call us at 302-273-1341 or request service online to discuss what type of heating oil delivery will work best for you.

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