Gas Furnace Maintenance in Wilmington, DE, 19803

“While doing PM contract work on our heater, Ryan S. Noticed a leak from the overflow tank on the hot water heater…and the hot water heater is less than 3 years old. We had not noticed the leak, so we were especially grateful that Ryan noticed it…even though he was in the basement to service something else (the heater). Even more amazing, the hot water heater was installed by another firm, but Ryan looked into the issue right away, determined that the malfunctioning part was under warranty, and arranged a replacement with Burns and McBride with no charge for the part, and only charges for labor. The replacement was scheduled for the following day. Ryan S. Was very courteous, explained everything in a nice easy to understand way. Because Ryan was so proactive…on an issue that was outside of the scope of why he was there in the first place…we likely prevented greater damage to the hot water heater. We are grateful for his excellent service.”

- P K.