True Seasonal Tune-Up

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For REAL Preventive Maintenance

While our Safety Check-Up is a helpful step to understanding your system’s performance, our True Seasonal Tune-Up will provide actual preventive maintenance services to fix common problems. We’ll also perform a detailed cleaning to reset your system to factory settings to improve the efficiency of your system. Other HVAC companies do not go to this level when performing a tune-up. Plus, as a True Seasonal Tune-Up customer, you’ll also enjoy the convenience of appointment times between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and repair response times within 24 hours or less.

True Seasonal Tune-Up Benefits:

  1. Extend the life of your system
  2. Save on utility bills by reducing energy usage
  3. Identify small problems before they become big ones
  4. Reduce the likelihood your equipment will break down when you need it most
  5. Convenient appointment times and expedited response time for repairs

For just $179.95, you can rest assured knowing your system is ready to keep you cool with the most comprehensive tune-up available. Monthly installments of $17.00 for 12 months is available.

Why should you choose Burns & McBride for your AC tune-up? It’s plain and simple: We are better equipped to do the best job. We invest significantly more than any other HVAC company in the tools, instruments and technical training we provide our technicians. That means our tune-ups are more thorough and accurate to help your system run at peak performance. You’ll even receive a report card of your system’s performance.

Seasonal Cooling System Preparation

  1. Measure system performance to ensure proper operation
  2. All safety controls for proper operation
  3. All motor bearings
  4. Operation and condition of compressor
  5. Thermostat operation
Inspect & Test
  1. Blower motor
  2. Condenser fan motor
  3. Inspect and tighten all wiring connections
  4. Evaporator coil
  5. All capacitors for bulges, rust, and leaks
  6. Disconnect box at outdoor unit
Inspect & Clean

  1. Condensate drain
  2. Condensate pumps
  3. Condenser coil
  4. Standard 1” filter
  1. Temperature difference between return and supply air
  2. Blower speed, adjusting as-needed
  3. Voltage and amperage of all motors

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